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This week’s theme is Sentences.

Use practical items in your house to practice using sentences.

For example:  The book is in the bag. The teddy is on the table. The pencil is in the pencil case. The dog is on the mat. The flowers are in the garden. The spoon is in the bowl. There are lots of things you can try.

Play ‘What’s in the bag’ Or What’s under the blanket. You could use a pillow case, or a shopping bag. Put a variety of items in the bag/ under the blanket. Then take turns to pull them out- ‘The spoon is in the bag’ ‘The lego is in the bag’ ‘The blocks are under the blanket’ this will help you practise experiencing, forming, saying or copying simple sentences.

Have a look at our resources and create a match the word to the item with some items you have a home.

Write a sticker story – using any stickers you have, the children can stick them on paper and make up their own story.

Make silly sentences using picture cards for ideas.

Make a diary of your time at home – verbalising/overwriting/writing one sentence a day about what they have done (parents can use sentence starters to support/children could choose a picture to complete the sentence etc.)

Rainbow writing- see resource – look around the room/garden etc. What can you see that is Red, orange, yellow, green, blue?

Say your sentence eg “The ball is red.” Count the words “1, 2, 3, 4.” The write your sentence.

Use the resources to have a go at making your own sentences.

Play some sentences and punctation games online-

 Ordering sentences and simple sentences


Sentence game

Create Lego sentences. Write words on sticky notes and put them on Lego/ block pieces. Model ordering them to make a sentence and then jumble them up for the child to order/ make a sentence up.

Some online resources you light like to explore

Yes/No Yeti