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Sharing and Division

The Theme this week is Sharing and Division

Use egg boxes or food packaging with compartments to share out objects into compartments/ sections. You could use raisins, cheerios, grapes:

Items to share

Share a picnic/ tea party

Draw circles on a sheet of paper and share objects out. If you are outside you could use chalk and share petals, leaves etc – see photos

Use lids/ circles/ cut outs to share objects such as cars- see photo

You could have a tea party and share items between plates. Or make Pizza and share the sections.

You could try fruit skewers- either sharing the fruit pieces out between skewers or dividing the fruit into a certain number of pieces.

You could share items out between your toys.

You could use the lunchbox sharing resources, or share items out when it is time for lunch- If I have 4 pieces of banana and 2 plates how many will go on each plate?

If I have 6 strawberries and 3 plates how many will I put on each plate?

Try an active game in the garden collecting balls/bean bags etc.

Sharing between two buckets

Peeling coloured stickers and dividing them into colour groups 

There are visual sharing and word problem sharing resources in the folder using bigger numbers too.

Help Curious George share out his dog’s treats

Share the dog bones

Watch divide and ride a division story

The story of 100 hungry ants

The door bell rang -a story about sharing cookies