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Silver Coin & Angus

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Silver Coin Award

Springwell celebrate pupils’ progress and achievements in class and at play.

During Friday celebration assembly (KS1 and KS2 alternate weeks), a 'Silver Coin' is awarded to a pupil in each class. Their parents/carers/families are invited to join the assembly to celebrate their child's achievement with them.

At the end of each term a 'Golden Coin' is awarded to a pupil in each class who has achieved across the term.

At the end of the year a special 'Diamond Coin' is awarded to the pupil in each class who it is felt has made the most progress and achievement through the year.

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The Angus Award

Angus is our toy dog who helps us throughout the year.  Angus has a half termly PSHE focus and is awarded to a pupil or pupils for these skills:

Angus is looking for

Term 1a         Being a good friend in my new class 

Term 1b         Good looking and listening

Term 2a         Working and playing together 

Term 2b         Being kind

Term 3a         Being helpful

Term 3b         Being independent/organised


Angus is awarded in Celebration Assembly each week and the winning pupil(s) are allowed to keep him in their class for a week. 

This terms Angus is for....

Good looking and listening