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Spa Day

This week’s theme is Spa Day.

Relax at home and try out some fun and calming activities.

Complete some fine motor skills activities – roll marbles through a tube, make marks, letters and words in sand or flour. Try some threading with beads, buttons, pasta or cheerios. Peg different items or put pegs in a sequence along some cardboard. Use tweezers or kitchen tongs to tweeze objects.

Paint nails, massage, soak feet in bowls of warm soapy water, do hair, make a fruit salad together, lie down and relax listening to calming music

Make a homemade drink like a milkshake, homemade lemonade or a cup of tea

Put your hands or feet in some sensory materials like flour, cooked spaghetti, rice or some nice bubbly water.

Use the printout or draw around hands to colour in or paint the nails. This is a great exercise for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Use bath bombs/ food colouring in water and watch the effect.

Explore brushes and sensory materials (e.g. towels, blankets) 

Make a bath bomb

Have a dough disco with some playdough

Soap foam

Mindfulness activities (Glitter jar, mandala colouring, zen den mindfulness activities)

Mindfulness activities

Do some Cosmic yoga or keep fit exercise using our previous Wellbeing Wednesday links.

Try out some story massage

On Tapestry there is a beauty salon sensory story, bubbles snakes and chair yoga. You just need to  log in and press on the activities tab.

Use our resources to have a go!