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The Theme this week is Space

Create a squishy sun or planet using paper paint and cling film, a great sensory activity

Use the Twinkl resources and instructions to create a cardboard tube rocket, hand and footprint aliens, paper plate flying saucer, space themed printing picture, space ship porthole

Use the Widgit resources to position the moon and the space man.

Paint or create your own planet using a round paper cut out

Use our resource to write about your own Alien.

Make a galaxy jar using paint, glitter, water and cotton wool. Put the contents in the jar and see it absorb and swirl.

Make space-themed sensory bags (shower gel, glitter, sequins/stars etc.) or sensory bottles,

Make play dough planets or make moon rocks with tin foil

Try star printing with paint and a star biscuit/play dough cutter

Create a balloon stamping solar system

Exploding Jupiter fun

Magic space dough

Planets song

Dick and Dom introduce Mars from the planets by Holst


Space information

Space information

Space Crafts