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This week’s theme is Spring. Spring is a great time of year to take daily photographs and track how the landscape near you changes.

Take one picture a day if you go out for a walk or if you can have a look in a local outdoor space and create a ‘month book’ to see how things have grown in just a few days. Can you look back at them and recall what they are, where you saw them?

Hang easy-to-make square cloth bags made from old fabric on hooks on walls and fill them with pretty plants to make a lovely display (remember to water them as the weather dries out). Old boots and shoes, handbags and all sorts of discarded containers also make unusual plant containers – how creative can you be?

Make some chocolate birds nests- crush up cereal and coat in melted chocolate.

Collect some flowers and leaves and have a go at pressing them under some heavy books to create a picture.

There are lots of great Spring crafts you can do with these resources, finger painting, weaving, making an egg box daffodil, making a paper plate bunny. Maybe you could have a go a drawing a Spring picture in flour and see if your Mums and Dads can guess what it is?

Have a go at pressing some flowers or leaves into playdough.



Make a Bird Feeder  - 1


Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder - 2

Start saving your empty paper towel rolls. This is a great recycling project to teach children about reusable materials.

  1. Run a long piece of string through an empty paper roll and tie together at the ends.
  2. Spread peanut butter all over the surface of the roll.
  3. Roll it through birdseed and hang your toilet paper roll bird feeder for all to see.


Printing in clay or playdough