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Springwell Car Park

Car Park Principles:

  1. Health and safety is the first concern and the responsibility of everyone using the car park.
  2. All drivers need to be respectful of each other and mindful of the children.
  3. All drivers must be patient and give way as appropriate.
  4. Priority must always be given to emergency vehicles.
  5. There is a maximum speed limit of 5 mph
  6. On entering the car park, all vehicles must turn left to drive around the one way system.  Vehicles are not to drive up the middle lane or turn right.
  7. All car parking spaces must be used.  Cars are not to double park if there are empty parking spaces.
  8. If all spaces are used, cars can double park in the middle lane, facing the front gate and drivers will need to wait in line to leave the car park.
  9. When double parking in the middle lane, parents are to be aware of their position in the line and leave as quickly as possible, allowing others to leave
  10. Cars are not to double park in the left hand lane, obstructing the bus route.
  11. On leaving the site, drivers are asked to turn left to avoid queues in the car park.
  12. Only Blue Badge holders can use the disabled car parking spaces.



Car Park One Way System