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The Seaside

This week’s theme is The Seaside.

The seaside is a wonderful place, full of sights, smells and fresh air! It’s also very vibrant and colourful. Get creative with some of our seaside ideas.

Using a milk carton and with adult support, some scissors, you could make a milk carton seagull!

Create some edible sand using 2 ½ cups of flour and ½ a cup of oil. Mix together and you are good to go.

Make a Seaside bottle with oil and water.


Make a sea sensory bag- or make a den with blue material and make your own fish to hang and pretend you are under the sea.


Have a virtual visit to the beach with The Beach Sensory Story.


Use the Twinkl Seaside playdough mats to get creative with some seaside themed playdough shapes


There is a seaside labelling activity to have a look and identify the different features of the Seaside.

If you have some shells, or if you are able to collect some, they are fun to press into playdoh to make patterns. If you have some clay you can push the shells in and make pots..


Create a seaside sensory tray using sand and water. You can add features such as people, boats, animals.

Use sand and water trays to put your feet in, changing from one to the other, exploring the different textures.


Build a sandcastle! If you have some digestive biscuits you can crumble these up to resemble sand too which you can eat.

Explore blue soapy sea foam water with shells etc – Make waves with shaving foam.


You could try mixing sand with paint to create textured paintings of the seaside or use buckets and spades to dig and make sand or flour castles

Can you make a fish out of recycled bubble wrap