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The Shape Show

This week’s theme is The Shape Show!

You could have your own shape show! Create simple shape puppets a talk about their names and their properties.

‘I’m Circle and I have 1 side’ ‘I’m square I have 4 sides and 4 corners’ You could us e some house hold objects, Tubes and boxes to create 3D characters

Potato stamping. Cut shapes into halves of potatoes and stamp into colour and onto paper/ card, recognising the shapes.


Explore 2d & 3d shapes using toothpicks and chickpeas to create your own shapes.


Make a feely shape book, to explore, recognise and name shapes. See photo

Have a go at printing with some cardboard roll shapes. Can you recognise and name the shapes and colours? 


The shape show

Teacher’s TV looking at shapes in real life

BBC shape songs  

Mister Maker explores shapes

Shape Game


Use flat sponges and cut into different shapes for sensory play or making pictures (You could try squares, circles, rectangles and triangles)


Cut and stick shape pictures are in our previous shape section of the hub.


Go on a shape hunt. Have a list of shapes or pictures of shapes to find. You could draw your own or use the Twinkl shape hunt resources here.


Create shapes using pipe cleaners, straws or lolly sticks- Guess the shape, ask questions- What shape could you make with 4 lolly sticks? What about 3?


Use chalk outside to draw and guess different shapes.


Complete a shape quiz using the Twinkl Power point below.


Make shape monsters with cardboard (e.g. a triangle, square and circle shape monster) - cut a triangle, square or circle shape for the monster's mouth and feed them with different-shaped items


Make shapes with masking tape and place items along the outlines (e.g. pom-poms or buttons)


Make shape decorations with clay 


Find shapes in sensory trays 


Make shape art - e.g. houses, rockets etc. with shape pictures