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This week’s theme is time.

Engage your child in the times you do things- What time do you wake up, have breakfast, have a snack? Can they match the times to the activities?

Use timers to have some fun HERE

These timers prove very popular with Springwell pupils. Use them to complete an exercise, build a tower, feel the difference between different time scales.


Exploring fast and slow through dancing an obstacle course or musical instruments

Make a giant clock with chalk in the garden, use a hula hoop and post-it notes to order the numbers around a clock.


Order the days of the week and months of the year. Have a go at writing/ matching the date everyday or exploring a calendar.


Match the numbers on a clock or fill the numbers in. Can you match analogue to digital?

Make a clock out of paper plates 

Make a clock using numbers made out of lego (see picture)

This teaching clock enables you to make times 

Use the resources to draw the hands on different clocks, or identify the time.

Resource sheet

Share the story of Mr Wolf’s week and complete the colouring sheets to accompany the story.


Have a go at some time games:

Time games

Tell the time game

Telling the time

Time game