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This week’s theme is Transport

There are lots of great ideas to do with transport. You could look around where you live and see what colour cars you can find? You could have a list of colours you need to try and find or a list of numbers you need to find on car number plates or perhaps buses.

Maybe you could make your own vehicle. We have some ideas for cardboard roll cars and egg box
boats. Try floating them in your bath or in your sink. Bottle tops also make great boats!

If you have any cars ( maybe your homemade cardboard car) or toys with wheels, explore and experiment with different surfaces and materials. You could build some cardboard ramps.


Make a simple paper aeroplane and use it for target practice! You could label the sections with letters or numbers.

Use the Twinkl instructions to make a simple paper helicopter. These are really fun to watch spinning

Use the resources to:

Create your own vehicle.


Sort different types of transport.


Play transport I spy.


Use the mazes and patterns to practice fine motor skills.

Some lovely transport clips and games

Make a junk model of your favourite transport.

Cut out individual pieces of favourite transport and stick back together like a collage.

Draw a car/ bus track outside using chalk.


Turn your furniture into an aeroplane/ bus/ tractor or create one from a cardboard box

Listen to your favourite transport songs - e.g. 'Magic train ride', 'Up, up, up'

Paint with cars - squeeze paint into a tray/onto paper and move cars through the paint to create patterns with the wheels.

Make a rocket with plastic bottles.