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Trying Something New

The Theme this week is Trying something new and The 2 minute challenge


Choose a favourite timer HERE

Try different ones!

Take part in a fitness/ wellbeing activity for 2 minutes, perhaps you could do it along with music and try a range of different activities. 

Balance walk along masking tape or chalk on the floor in straight lines or zig zags or jumps

You could have a game of musical statues, dancing to music and freezing when it stops

Follow the light/Follow the sound – The child’s whole head/body follows the movement of a torch

Blow bubbles, or paper boats with straws, or feathers

Throw/roll balls into a bucket try different textured balls – Wrap in paper, cling film, tin foil

You could try one or a few of the idea on the PDF below

Just Dance- revisit some our guided dance week

Yoga- revisit our yoga week or try following this VIDEO


Hula hooping







Robot moves

Scissor arms

Scissor legs

Wall pushes

Jumping Jacks

Arm Spins


Hand Squeezes

Superhero poses


Roll things in playdough to make patterns

Splat into paint and roll/throw onto paper


Move and freeze

Move and freeze 2

Shake break