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This week’s theme is Vegetables.

There are so many things you can do with Vegetables, eat them, print with them, create characters, make rainbows! Have a look at our ideas for some fun learning activities.


Just like Supertato you could have a go at making your own super vegetable



Can you use vegetables to print with and make interesting patterns? Broccoli makes a great textured looking pattern. Or have a go with a carrot paintbrush

Can you sort the fruit and vegetables , you can use the twinkl pictures or have a go with real fruit and veg

Make a collage of vegetables using magazines.


Complete a vegetable colour hunt, using magazines/ online- Can you find a picture of a green bean? Can you find a picture of a purple vegetable?  Or a pink one!


Try tasting and describing some different vegetables.


Make some bubble wrap veg. Cut vegetable shapes out of bubble wrap and paint it. They look so cool.


Rainbow veg. Can you make a rainbow out of fruit and veg and add the picture to Tapestry?


Perhaps you could plant some seeds and see if you could grow some of your own vegetables. If you keep the top of a carrot, place it in water and water it daily you can observe how it starts to grow again.


Use vegetables to make a real Mr Potato head or a vegetable face

You could order certain types of vegetables from small to large or sort into shape or colour

You could create a colour or shape pattern using different chopped vegetables like carrots or celery?

Can you make a vegetable skewer? Or have a go at trying a new vegetable?


25 Vegetable Activities for Kids!