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Water Play

This week’s theme is Water play

Chasing and catching bubbles works on both gross and fine motor skills. Can you try and catch a bubble without popping it?

Counting bubbles

Using opposites with bubbles- up and down, near and far away, high and low, big and small. Using bubbles in this way can help to develop sentences structure and comparative language.

Use different objects to blow bubbles, you could try a kitchen spatula, a cookie cutter, a pipe cleaner bubble wand. 


You could create a Bubble Tower

You will need a plastic glass, water, drinking straws, some washing up liquid and a tray/ something to contain the overflowing bubbles. Simply put a small amount of water in each cup and add a few drops of washing up liquid. Before you start remind your child that they need to blow OUT and not suck IN. You can have your child practice this first, by blowing through the straw to move a tissue or pompom across the floor or table.  When you are ready put the straw in the cup and blow! This is really fun, the sound of all that gurgling and bubbling happening in the cups sounds great. Then of course, there are the bubbles! They grow and expand, spilling over the edges of the cup.  The more you blow, the bigger and higher the pile of bubbles becomes. It’s fun to see who can blow the biggest bubble tower. It’s fun too, to stick your fingers into the tower of bubbles to discover how wonderfully light and airy they are!


Water Painting is great fun outside. You just need a paintbrush and a tub of water. You can trymark making, patterns, letters, words

Explore floating and sinking with different objects.

Make bottle top boats

Or create some ice boats

There are some lovely water experiments here

Fill a water pistol with a few drops of food coloring and water. Squirt it onto paper to write your name/ draw pictures/ mark make 

Wash toys in a tub and explore items that float and sink 

Water trays with containers, spoons, whisks to pour and mix


Straws with water in a bowl to blow bubbles.


Make some rainbow Bubble soap foam using washing up liquid, water and food colouring 

Try some Ice painting - pour water into ice cube trays and add different food colourings. Place a lolly stick in each and let them freeze. Then grab a big sheet of paper and use the ice lolly sticks to paint with.