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This week’s theme is weather. Talk about the weather. Use the symbols to decide what the weather is like today. Make a jam jar tornado (it’s really fun!) Or a shaving foam cloud. Make a weather mobile or a wind sock. Have a go at weather waves and move along to the weather songs online.


Weather mobile: 

Children draw/colour the weather pictures and attach to branch or sticks to observe weather. Discuss daily. (See picture). 


Make a jam jar tornado


Make a shaving foam cloud.

Fill a jam jar with water, spray shaving foam on the top, next drop some food colouring on the top of the shaving foam and watch how the cloud ‘rains’


Weather waves

This activity uses actions to represent different weathers. Start off with a simple action such as wiggling fingers up and down to make rain, and encourage children to join in to create a shower of rain. Add other actions – drumming heels to make a storm, clapping hands for thunder, waving arms to make wind and doing star jumps to represent sun rays. You can also give the children percussion instruments to add sound. Talk about how everyone has to join in and work together to turn raindrops into a rainstorm, create really loud thunder claps and so on.


Weather Songs